Herunder er en liste over en del af de firmaer som leverer...

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Bayer A/S

Radiologi CT, MRIog informatik, nuklearmedicin

FlexRAY Medical Aps

FlexRay Medical is a Danish/German based dealer of pre-owned / refurbished medical equipment specialized  in imaging systems covering the full radiological portfolio; with special focus on MRI and CT equipment

MLS Medical A/S

Tilkald den højteknologisk medicoteknisk udstyr i det omfang du har brug for det.
Densitetsscanner, gammakamera, ESWT og ESWL
The Roll-on Roll-off approach

MLS Medical AS offers mobile medical technology.

MLS has designed a programme whereby healthcare professionals can lower their cost for high techonology services by utilizing expensive equipment in a mobile concept provided by MLS. In this way, hospitals pay only for the days of service they require, thereby freeing capital for other needed services or improvements. With service from MLS, hospitals can have early access to state-of-the-art technology while minimizing financial and technological risk and commitment.

Philips Healthcare

Mange forskellige typer billeddannende udstyr RGT, CT, MRI samt informationssystemer

Siemens Healthcare A/S

Mange forskellige typer billeddannende udstyr RGT, CT, MRI , ultralyd, samt udstyr til Nuklearmedicin.

Tromp Medical

Tromp Medical tilbyder state-of-the-art billeddannende modaliteter fra Canon Medical og Hologic.

Porteføljen omfatter blandt andet CT, Ultralyd, Interventionsangiografi, MR, Advanced Visualization, Mammografi, Biopsisystemer, Præparatrøntgen, DXA m.v.

Varian Medical Scandinavia A/S

Radiation therapy and planning equipment for cancer treatment; X-ray tubes for diagnostic imaging, wafer fabrication equipment for the semiconductor industry, and analytical instruments and vacuum equipment for science and industry.